Kxng Crooked says he got ‘great news on Eminem to share in next episode of Crook’s Corner’

In the HipHopDX’s episode of Crook’s Corner, Kxng Crooked talked with Daylyt about the passing of Nipsey Hussle, Eminem, Drake, and a new joint with J. Cole.

“Shout out to Eminem. I got some news to share with you all later. I can’t share on this episode but I just wanna say good lucks to Em. You always holding me down. I got some great news to share with out all in the later episode.” says Kxng Crooked.”

“One day I asked Em: Do you think you broke the game? He told me ‘what you talking about?’ I said where’d you go after that wordplay?’ Em took it so far. On a mainstream level. He was up there bending words and syllables, metaphors. It was almost the reset to come back to mumble rap and build back up.” adds Kxng Crooked

“Shout out to Em. Crook, I promise you. I said blame mumble rap on Em bro. He made it so hard for ni**as. Ni**s are like ‘I ain’t tryin’ that s**t, ni**a, I’ma just be weak.” – says Daylyt

For the full interview, hit the video below:


Daylyt also Tweeted couple of days ago that he talked with Em on phone and received some strong advice: