New Interview: LL Cool J says him and Dr. Dre made 40 songs together that never been released

LL Cool J’s Rock The Bells Radio show on SiriusXM has produced some awesome interviews with legends like Eminem, Beastie Boys and Ice Cube. This weekend, LL will hold a rare conversation with another legendary figure, Dr. Dre, airing this Saturday (April 20).

Today, Billboard has debuted some exclusive clips from the interview where Dr. Dre reminisces about getting Eazy-E to rap and meeting Snoop Dogg for the very first time. Dre says: “I wanted to gain some insight into his creative process, as far as what it is like to be in the studio with him, his love for collaboration, and having that perfectionist mindset. We went deeper in that regard and he took it back from the beginning when he first fell in love with music. It is a peek behind the curtain of somebody who is really special in the world of music.”

LL Cool J also teased unreleased music with Dr. Dre that will most likely remain in the vault: “We’ve done a lot of experimenting. We have 30 to 40 songs we recorded together that have never been released. We just create art and make music that’s not necessarily for public consumption, but to just have fun and create.” says LL.

For more about LL Cool J, check out his interview with Dr. Dre when it premieres on his Rock The Bells Radio show in 2 days as part of The Influence of Hip-Hop series. For now, check out a pair of some clips from their interview below: