Juice WRLD misses Eminem’s prime days: “the rap game is so soft now”

On a song Yacht Club, Juice WRLD raps: “I’m a young king, I might f**k Alexis Texas but I ain’t on no Drake s**t, I won’t get her pregnant.” Even though Juice refused many times, people still think it’s a diss to Drake.

“I’m sick of people saying it’s a diss when it’s not. People wanna see us fall out. You an Eminem fan? A perfect example. When he first came out, what was he doing? Talking s**t. About who? E-v-e-r-y-b-o-d-y. Everybody! Some people took it as offensive; others took is as funny. The rap game now – I’m sorry to say it – but it’s so motherf**king soft. You can’t do anything without someone being offended nowadays. When did we become so soft?”

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