Juice WRLD references Eminem’s “Stan” in a new song “Make Believe”

New school rapper Juice WRLD has just released a new album Death Race for Love, which includes a song “Make Believe,” produced by Jahaan Sweet, TBHits and Boi-1da. In a song, WRLD references Eminem’s legendary song “Stan” with the following lines:

“You walked in, I’m listening to “Stan” on E, yeah, ecstasy. Matter of fact there’s a bridge that my car wants to meet. Road trip on me, it’ll be fun, you’ll see, but you don’t gotta sit in the trunk, you can sit next to me, Me and Stan, we alike, but he ain’t nicer than me
He was drunk drivin’, me, I’m just straight Perc-ules.” Listen to the song below: