Watch: Elliott Wilson rides through Compton with Boogie (Car Test)

Elliott Wilson rides through Compton, California with Shady Records’ Boogie, to breakdown his debut album “Everything’s For Sale.”

“This project [Everything’s For Sale], it’s about the story of a frustrated rapper. There is new rapper every Friday. It don’t matter how good you rap. It’s how you gonna stand out. You gotta sacrifice all to get popping. Your morals, your integrity…”

“Eminem told me when he met me that he believed what I was already doing and he did not wanna control or trying to change nothing I was doing. I would not let nobody do that anyway. I always got to have creative control over my project so it was easy to get along with Shady. No matter how big Eminem is or Interscope is, I am always gonna put more pressure on myself.”

After this, Boogie starts to break down almost all the tracks off the album. You can watch it below: