New Interview: ICP says Eminem once pulled out a gun on one of their guys

▪ Violent J says their beef actually started in St. Andrews when Eminem handed them a flyer which said “Slim Shady EP release party with special guests: Kid Rock, Esham, ICP.” They didn’t know until they saw the flyer so they thought Eminem was using their fame to attract attention. 

▪ Shaggy 2 Dope says their camps have really tense relationship with Eminem’s camp. Once Eminem even pulled the gun on one of their boys. 

▪ Shaggy 2 Dope says Big Proof reached out them to squash the beef. He says Proof was not just Eminem’s right hand but he was legend, a staple in Detroit. They also say Proof was always on a peace mission for all Eminem’s rivalries 

▪ They say they wanted to go to Big Proof’s funeral but they thought Eminem would not like it so they decided not to go. 

Above is the highlights of Insane Clown Poses’s recent interview with VLAD TV. You can watch the full interview in details below: