Royce 5’9″s brother Kid Vishis hints “Bad Meets Evil 2” again !

Back in December, 2018, Royce Da 5’9″s  and his brother, Kid Vishis, who is Royce’s tour hype-man as well, addressed to the crowd and encouraged to hashtag “Bad Meets Evil Two” on every social media platform, while being on tour in Australia.

Even more earlier, back in May, 2018, Mr. Porter and Royce Da 5’9″ went live on Instagram, where Porter said: “Another Bad Meets Evil is definitely going to happen. You all can put that on me. That’s something that’s definitely going to happen.” and then Royce adds: “People were so excited about “Caterpillar,” that’s another day in the office for me and Marshall.”

Later on, in one of his interviews, Royce said that chances for new Bad Meets Evil project where ‘pretty good’ and the only thing that is holding them is ‘the right time.’

Back in March, 2018, Royce did Question & Answer session on Reddit. One of the fans asked about new album with Eminem, where Royce replied: “The album with Eminem is always a possibility. Keep your fingers crossed.”

And now, Kid Vishis hits Twitter again to remind fans something about Bad Meets Evil project. Check the tweet below: