Eminem is #1 most searched solo musician on YouTube in 2019 so far

Every day millions of people visit YouTube and they use millions of different search terms to find their favorite video on the platform.

2019 has just started but only the Top 100 most searched have more than 80 million searches in the United States only and almost the third of the search terms are related to music only.

Below is listed the top search terms in two categories: “Top 5 Most Searched Music Acts in US” and “Top 5 Most Searched Music Acts Worldwide.” If you want to check other detailed lists, jump to the end of the article.

Top 5 Most Searched Music Acts in US

1. BTS (Music Group) – 4,070,000 searches.

2. Eminem (Solo Artist) – 3,070,000 searches.

3. Drake (Solo Artist) – 2,530,000 searches.

4. Taylor Swift (Solo Artist) – 2,470,000 searches.

5. Cardi B – 2,260,000 searches.

Top 5 Most Searched Music Acts Worldwide

1. BTS (Music Group) – 35,870,000 searches.

2. Bad Bunny (Solo Artist) – 27,700,000 searches.

3. Ed Sheeran (Solo Artist) – 23,100,000 searches.

4. Ozuna (Solo Artist) – 22,320,000 searches.

5. Eminem (Solo Artist) – 20,660,000 searches.

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