Decrypting Eminem & Boogie’s latest “Sheep” video !

I wake up this morning, I signed in Instagram and saw Eminem has a new ‘story’ to tell. I clicked it and what I’m seeing? Boogie and Eminem holding a sheep in front of his d**k. This is clearly a video from the set of “Rainy Days” music video but it’s not just that. It has bigger message. In the video Eminem says: “Everything’s for sale, we mean, EVERTHING’S FOR SALE. You know what’s f**king absurd? I have no idea!”

1. Of course Eminem promoted Boogie’s new album Everything’s For Sale with those first lines.

2. Eminem has also responded to critics, especially to Joe Budden and his crew, who were criticizing his verse on “Rainy Days,” emphasizing the words “absurd” and “idea,” while holding a “sheep.”

3. Boogie says “this ni**a is tripping.” Yes, he called Eminem “ni**a.” That’s great to have friendly relationship with your boss!

Watch the video below and make sure you copped Everything’s From Sale album.