Joe Budden, Rory and Mal highly criticized Eminem’s verse on Boogie’s “Rainy Days” in their latest “Clickbait” episode of Joe Budden Podcast but they showed a positive attitude towards Boogie as an artist.

“I’ll say it in this podcast that you can’t say “you guys think I’m ruining my legacy” and follow it up with two bars that are ruining your legacy.” says Rory

Rory and Mal are referring to those lines: “I left my legacy hurt? F**king absurd Like a shepherd having seex with his sheep, f**k what you heard. All this talk in my ear, I got a idea like the clerk when you trying buy beer.”

In the rest of the interview, they are just laughing at the verse. You can listen to the full part about Eminem and “Rainy Days” below: