Joyner Lucas on new song with Eminem: “Nobody has heard him rap like this since “Stan.”

Joyner Lucas has recently set down with Hot 97 radio channel to promote his upcoming album ADHD. In an interview he also talked about Eminem’s influence over his music and the upcoming storytelling song with Shady:

“So, The Slim Shady LP was the first album I bought, I was ten.I studied that tape. He was my favorite, and I knew he was going to remain my favorite. I studied his cadences, his wordplay, I was so amazed at how he made things rhyme that wasn’t supposed to rhyme. I completely missed out on my childhood…I spent my entire childhood writing music and listening to music. Eminem was the guy, always.”

“I always felt frustrated. The Kendricks, the Coles, the Drakes, I know they all know who I am. I was never acknowledged by them, but then I started realizing they don’t have to acknowledge me. But I thought Eminem was too far-fetched.”

“We got some joints. We got one coming out. This next record that I release with Marshall is going to be a storytelling record, and I promise, nobody has heard him rap like this since ‘Stan.’ This is vintage, ‘Stan’ storytelling. His best.”