Kxng Crooked set down with HotNewHipHop to discuss hip-hop, including Slaughterhouse’s “Glass House” album and Eminem’s legacy:


HNHH: I wanted to talk a little bit about Slaughterhouse. As a fan of the group – and I’m sure you’ve heard this numerous times at this point, but there seems to be a bit of unfinished business with this “lost album.” It’s kind of come back into the spotlight lately. Em’s mentioned it in his Sway interview, and of course, Joe Budden’s mentioned it at length on his various platforms. Seeing as we’ve witnessed a situation where Lil Wayne’s came from a years-long delay and dropped Tha Carter V against all odds, do you think there’s a chance that one day we might see this project? It’s getting pretty legendary at this point.


Kxng Crooked: Yeah man. I actually asked Em last time I was in Detroit, on the day he dropped “KillShot.” I went to the studio and I said “hey man, what you gon do with Glass House?” Everyone in the room got quiet and I just busted out laughing. He was like “yeah man, what are we gonna do with that? He was like “I gotta think about that.” I think if Em and Paul, if they want to put Glass House out, I wouldn’t be opposed to helping them promote that. We put the work in. I went all the way to New York for a month. Me and Royce rented out a space and we basically lived in New York for a month and a half creating that album. Away from our home, away from our families. I wouldn’t be mad if it came out. We put the work in. I think there’s enough songs to make a pretty decent Slaughterhouse album. I think the fans will like a lot of it. Everybody understands what it is. They know this is not music from 2018. They know exactly what it is. I think it’ll be cool.


HNHH: Well I mean, I don’t feel that would be the worst thing in the world, but that’s my own purely selfish opinion.


Kxng Crooked: I don’t know if Media Joe would leak it. Media Joe got a lot more to lose. He knows it might be a lawsuit or something. Back in the day, I think he would have. Now, I don’t think he moving like that. I think it would be cool to just drop it. Give it to the fans! That’s my only thing, man! If we would have put the supporters of Slaughterhouse first, we would’ve figured out a way to give them Glass House. No egos in the room could have stopped it. No obstacles. It was recorded, it was damn near finished. We still had a version of the album we could’ve gave to people. That’s our fault. We did not put the supporters of our music first. We put egos first, we put frustration first. We put everything else first, besides the people who support us and made us who we are.


HNHH: I’m gonna choose to stay optimistic.


Kxng Crooked: It might come out.


HNHH: Maybe along with Detox and Relapse 2!


Kxng Crooked: You never know man. Carter V!


HNHH: Lo and behold, it’s here. So, I gotta ask. Joe has been teasing this Pull Up episode with you and him. Having watched the clips he made available, it looked like a pretty interesting one. Pretty raw stuff. Do you have any thoughts on that episode? He seemed like he wanted to release the full one but he was hesitant, so I’m just wondering.


Kxng Crooked: I don’t think the full one will ever see the light of day, because it’s not really a good look, you know? We sat down for a couple hours, bro. There’s a lot that was said. It got a little personal at times. I don’t think he’s going to ever release it. Even if he does, what can be gained? I don’t really see anything that would be gained from releasing it but it was interesting to see him put those clips up, because I made my debut on his Instagram. I been putting out projects all over the place and I didn’t see any friendly posts of your Slaughter Brother or none of the projects but I made my debut on the Pull Up episode. It was like a roll out to the Em diss podcast. I got used, you feel me. Point blank.


HNHH: I think people will be able to see that for what it is, and won’t resort to choosing sides. Obviously, creatives want to make art but there is always a business element. But as someone watching from afar, it does kind of reveal a bit of insight into the creative process and how it can intersect with the business side. How those two can collide sometimes. Did you ever feel there was an element of creative control being stifled during the Slaughterhouse sessions?


Kxng Crooked: Nah man. Here’s the thing. I’m glad we’re talking about this because we need to shift the narrative. Everybody is focusing on Welcome to Our House. We went into the lab. We put together an album with Eminem for the first time. We trusted his judgement on certain stuff and he trusted our judgment on certain stuff. We all took votes – do you like this song? Three thumbs up, that song wins. Two thumbs up, okay let’s go back into the drawing board with that. There was a voting process. There was a lot of trust. The result was, a lot of our core supporters didn’t really like the album. We sat back down and we said okay let’s make a new one. So, here’s my problem. If Welcome To Our House was such a disaster, which is the narrative, and Eminem totally “ruined it” with too much of his production – I think he added one beat or two, the rest was No ID, Justice League, all kind of people – if Eminem ruined Welcome To Our House, if that was the problem, why go in and make a new album? We got passed all of that! As a group, a management, as a label. We thought we were passed all of that when we decided to go and make Glass House. We went to New York. Eminem was not in one session in Glass House. We had all the creative control we wanted to. We didn’t have to trust Em’s judgment on this. It was strictly Slaughterhouse, and the producers. But we don’t hear that narrative. We hear: oh, Em messed up Slaughterhouse. He gave us a chance to go in there and do whatever we wanted to, provided the budget, and opened it up. We made an entire album and then things fell apart.


HNHH: At some point, the narrative will shift.


Kxng Crooked: Yeah. I just want people to be fair with Marshall Mathers. He put in a lot of hours, finances, used his platform to speak greatly of us. I want people to be fair. I know its a trend out there to hate Eminem. A lot of rap media people want to talk bad about him. But when we talking about Slaughterhouse and what I witnessed personally, he deserves his credit in that regard.


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