Chance The Rapper says MGK’s diss was better than Eminem’s, says he hasn’t listened to “Kamikaze” yet

Joe Budden set down with Chance The Rapper in his latest podcast where they talked about Eminem and MGK and touring with Eminem back in the days.

“I didn’t listen to “Kamikaze” but I listen to MGK diss. I thought MGK’s one was cooler. It was better record. It was something you play multiply times. I only played Eminem’s diss once. I f**k with MGK. I f**k with Eminem obviously too. He took me to my first European tour ever. Ahh there was Slaughterhouse too!” – Chance The Rapper

“We were on tour where I didn’t want to be there. I didn’t feel honored to perform in front of Eminem’s fans. I didn’t want to be there.” – Joe Budden

Listen to the full interview below: