Couple of days ago, Boogie had the tracklist on his Instagram Story and answered few questions from fans. His much anticipated album under Shady Records has now the full tracklist but the release date is not confirmed yet. The album is titled SELF and the tracklist is as follows:



1. Tired/Reflections

2. Self Destruction*

3. Whose Fault

4. Skydive

5. Soho

6. Silent Ride Home*

7. Skydive 2*

8. Live 95

9. Rainy Days

10. Time

11. Dejavu

12. No Warning


We have only heard three song and out of these three only “Self Destruction” is officially out. The song that plays at the end of “Self Destruction” music video is titled “Skydive 2” and the snippet of “Silent Ride Home” was surfaced via Boogie’s Instagram Story. Features will be announced later: