Back in 2017, a Joseph Khan directed movie “Bodied” premiered at Toronto International Film Festival and the movie instantly took everyone’s attention. Critics suggest that if you are easily offended, do not watch the movie as it is one of the most racially provocative movie in the recent years.


The film is based on the Toronto rap artist Alex Larsen also known as Kid Twist and is produced by the man himself, Eminem, who is also preparing the release of the soundtracks album of the movie. Reportedly, Dr. Dre is also heavily involved.


Couple of months ago, Anderson .Paak and Sway revealed that Boogie, .Paak and Eminem already recorded a song for Bodied soundtrack but they are not sure if the song will make the final cut to the album.


The movie showcases the life of a graduate student who has an obsession of battle rapping one of the most artistically brutal sports in the world.


Couple of days ago Joseph Khan gave update to the fans about the theatrical release of the movie on Twitter. You can watch the video below for the details. “Bodied” will also be available for streaming on YouTube Red after its release: