Archive Song: Eminem – “Stimulate”



“Stimulate” by Eminem is a track which originally planned to be a part of The Eminem Show album (2002) but it was replaced with “Say Goodbye Hollywood.” The song can be found on the 8 Mile Soundtrack: Limited Edition album, and also on the “Cleaning Out My Closet” CD single.


In the first verse Eminem raps: “Feelin’ good when I should be ashamed, Shit, I really shoulda fell but I stood, see, I came like a flame in the night, like a ghost in the dark, there’s a ray, there’s a light, there’s a hope, there’s a spark” which has exactly the same flow as “The Way I Am.”


The song is produced by Eminem from top to bottom. He’s incorporating the sick rock beats in the song and also references one of the most successful pop-rock singer Robbie Williams: “Bless the children, nothin’ less than brilliant. Let me entertain you like Robbie Williams.”  “Let Me Entertain You” is a Robbie’s hit single from his 1998 album, Life Thru a Lens. It is also a request from Em for everyone to stop taking his music so seriously.


Listen to the song below: