Couple of days ago, Eminem shared a picture of himself and Dr. Dre on the screen on his Twitter and said: “In studio with Dre.” There was no actual Dre in the pic but there is a possibility the whole gang was there, working on something because right after few hours DJ Battlecat (the same DJ who remixed Eminem’s “Walk On Water” on Dre’s radio show “The Pharmacy”) posted a picture with Dr. Dre and Dem Jointz on Instagram. Right after another hours, Eminem (who is in California to perform at Coachella) posted a video with Boogie (who is from Compton, California) in the Malibu studio (Dr. Dre’s recording studio which is located in California). Then there is Mr. Porter’s Instagram story, where he’s with FredWreck (who produced Eminem’s “Framed”) and Dem Jointz. You can check all the material below:


Eminem’s Tweet:


Dr. Dre with Aftermath producers



Eminem with Boogie & Paul:




Mr. Porter with Afermath producers:



So here is what we think. Either:

1. Dr. Dre will make surprise appearance with Eminem at Coachella tomorrow.

2. Dr. Dre is involved in Boogie’s new album.

3. They have been working on “Bodied” movie soundtracks album.

4. They just hit the studio because they were all in California and had friendly meeting.