Exclusive: Reporter from Eminem’s “Framed” video talks about shooting the video

The full video hasn’t dropped yet, but Eminem just released a trailer for a song “Framed” off Revival and FOX 2 reporter Josh Landon plays a reporter named Stan Dresden from Channel 8 News.

Josh shot the scenes about a month ago in the middle of the night before coming into work. He says he had to show up outside of Marygrove College around 8 p.m., and they finally filmed his scene about 2 a.m. After that, he changed his suit and came into work at 3:30.

“I have been huge Eminem fan for so long. That dude is talented. He’s iconic. He is a perfectionist…And one thing that was very cool was my encounter with Eminem. I was walking down the hallway and believe it or not I ran into Eminem. He was coming out of his dressing room and was doing a freestyle, getting ready to get in that rapping mode. and I am walking by right after Eminem and we looked at each other. It was like WOOOWW.” says Josh.

Josh says he was up for about 24 hours to do the shoot, but that he’d do it all over again in a heartbeat. You can watch the full interview and check his tweet below:


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