Back in the days when Eminem and Royce made their very first Bad Meets Evil joint Royce was hoping to get signed to Shady Records and Aftermath soon after, especially since he had ghostwritten “The Message” for Dr. Dre but things went bad ways when Royce’s manager Kino said: “I’ve seen Eminem sit Dr. Dre down like a pupil and coach him on the rhymes.” Of course Royce defended his manager and the relationship between the two went out of control.

Soon after Royce toured with D12 and saw Eminem was spending the majority of his time with his group. Frustrated Royce started taking shots at D12. In an interview he called the group “D12? the worst f**king rap group ever”. Royce left the tour and started putting out the diss tracks.

“Malcolm X” is the second of the three tracks Royce released dissing D12, who released two diss tracks attacking Royce, one of them is “Back Down,” rapping over 50 Cent’s beat, as well as two solo tracks from Proof. Eminem never dissed Royce back because he had too much love for him. “He loved him to death” says Bizarre in the “Beef 2” documentary, speaking on why Eminem stayed out of the beef.

After the death of Proof the feud ended. Royce even went to Proof’s funeral and dedicated heartfelt tribute “Security” to his old friend. Since then, Eminem and Royce teamed up for Hell: The Sequel EP as Bad Meets Evil.

Listen to “Malcolm X” below: