WATCH: Everything that happened around Eminem in the past week



ePRO is back, with a fresh portion portion of Mum’s Spaghetti and all the latest news from Shady. On February 28th dozens on Eminem’s songs had got RIAA certification. Eminems signature track “Lose Yourself” became Diamond in the US. This means that it sold over 10 million copies! “Lose Yourself” is the third Eminem single that became Diamond, the two others are “Not Afraid and “Love The Way You Lie”. This accolade makes Eminem the first rapper and the second artist (after Katy Perry) achieve such success.


In total Eminem now has 44 RIAA-certified singles. The overall single sales amount to 107,5 million in the US alone, which makes him the second best selling artist in the US after Rihanna ( who has 121 million). As for album sales, Eminem is on the 31th place in the US with 44,5 million copies sold. His classic “Marshall Mathers LP” and the ” Eminem Show” have Diamond status. Six albums have “multiplatinum” status, and his anniversary “ShadyXV” mixtape is golden. The only albums not certified by RIAA are “Revival” and “Infinite”.


For more watch the video below: