New Interview: Royce 5’9″ talks about his upcoming album “Book Of Ryan”



Royce Da 5’9″ has recently set down with DJ BOOTH for an interview about PRhyme 2, Book Of Ryan, his career and much more. Check the interview below:


DJ BOOTH: A few years ago, when we met in the studio in Atlanta, the music you played for me was from your forthcoming album, Book of Ryan. This is before you released Layers. How do you juggle all these different projects?

Royce: When I saw you last time, it was before I had my studio. When I first got sober I decided to do Book of Ryan, my solo album. This album is like five years in the making. I don’t know if you remember me telling you but I wanted to put Layers out first, just so I didn’t leap into such personal material after not putting out material for a while. So Layers was like a prequel to Book of Ryan.

After I put Layers out, Preem wanted to go right in and do PRhyme 2. He kinda threw me off because we started on PRhyme, and I got into that mode, and then he went dark on me.

After waiting for a while I ended back in Book of Ryan mode. I started focusing on those songs to really create the remainder scenes to the movie that I felt was missing. I started doing shows and shit. So I waited around for awhile—I can’t multitask, so it’s one or the other.


DJ BOOTH: How different is it working on Book of Ryan versus PRhyme?

Royce: Book of Ryan—I don’t want to get too much into that because I know we’re talking about PRhyme, but Book of Ryan is telling my story in a way I want people to understand it. It’s not a rap contest.

When we do PRhyme we go in there and we kick bars. Preem does something different with all the beats; he pulls from one source. It’s a break in the action for me. It’s like when I’m doing my album, PRhyme is the commercial break during the Super Bowl. I get to go, after working out and being on a diet, I just get to have pizza for a minute [laughs].

It’s a cheat meal. It doesn’t take anything out of me. It’s a little more fun because I get to work with Preem. Nothing beats working with Preem, working with Slaughterhouse, working with Marshall. It’s just fun. It’s fun to collaborate. Book of Ryan took everything out of me: Financially, physically, and mentally. Everything I had. PRhyme is a much-needed mojito, bro.


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