New Interview: G-Eazy talks meeting Eminem at iHeartRadio Awards



Billboard sat down with G-Eazy in his green room to talk in more detail about what it means to be G-Eazy, meeting Eminem and more. Check the conversation below:


Billboard: Besides just the fact you met Eminem, was there something where you were like, ‘OK, this is a story I’m gonna tell at dinner parties’?

G-Eazy: I mean, it sounds stupid, but literally just shaking his hand and looking him in his eyes. Being in the presence of somebody who has meant so much to me — so much to so many people. Who is a literal living rap god. You know what I mean? Everything he has mattered to the culture [for], everything he’s given us, everything that he’s influenced, everything that he’s pushed forward.

Aside from being commercially the most successful artist of a decade, which is insane — technique and culture and respect-wise, he’s just as prolific. Just to share space with somebody like that, to converse and be in the energy of somebody of that magnitude is inspiring, period. I was really flattered by what he said to me. I was kind of floored, and I admitted to him, you know, as my voice was shaking, that I was nervous as shit. And I really didn’t know what to say. I left feeling really inspired.


Billboard: I think what’s cool about that is that you were a fan of Eminem, and then Gerald got to meet Marshall.

G-Eazy: Yeah, yeah. If you would have told my ten-year-old self that one day I would shake this man’s hand and, like, have a conversation, I would not believe you.


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