Archive Song: The High & Mighty – “The Last Hit,” ft. Eminem



The song “The Last Hit” is off The High & Mighty’s debut LP, Home Field Advantage, produced by DJ Mighty Mi and The Alchemist, released on August 24, 1999 via Rawkus Records.


Another version of the song which features scratches from Dj Daze was released in 2002 on the album named The High & Mighty ‎– Presents Eastern Conference All Stars III, under High Times Records.


In the song Eminem raps: “I’m flabbergasted off two tabs of acid / Threw my baby’s mother in the hatchback and latched it.” He is high and experiencing hallucinogenic effects from LSD.


Also, Em’s reference to throwing his wife in the back of the trunk of the hatchback is inspired from his song “Kim”, which he wrote the previous year in 1998 but not due to release until 2000 as a song on the “The Marshall Mathers LP”.


Both version are available on Apple Music and you can stream them below: