We think MGK is taking shots at Eminem on Tech N9ne’s new song “No Reason”

Machine Gun Kelly, who once idolized Eminem, might be taking shots at Eminem in Tech N9ne’s new song “No Reason.”

In a song, MGK raps: “To remind you all, you just Rap and not God and I do not care who got bars.” This is clearly the reference to Eminem’s “Rap God” song from The Marshall Mathers LP 2, but could this be a subliminal diss towards Eminem?

Machine Gun Kelly also referenced Dr. Dre in a song with the following lines: “It is only one option, you going to need a doctor. I am not talking about the one from Compton.”

In one of his recent interviews, Tech N9ne said: “I do not know if there is hidden messages in there for any other rappers, but I have a hunch that Machine Gun Kelly might be talking about somebody. He brought The Gunner and that is what I needed.”

Listen to “No Reason (The Mosh Pit Song)” below and you judge it yourselves:


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