New Interview: KXNG Crooked tells untold story about him, Suge Knight and Eminem

In the latest Crook’s Corner podcast Slaughterhouse’s Kxng Crooked talked about untold stories on Slaughterhouse, Shady Records, Eminem and Suge Knight. In an interview Crooked says:

“I was in the studio kitchen with Eminem and I got Suge night on phone. Suge says ‘tell that motherf**ker Eminem that I’m happy that he signed you because he is the lyricist and you’ve been one of the best lyricists for over 10 years. I know he can take it to the next level. He understands you. So you tell the white boy that I said ‘that’s dope’, I said ‘yeah okay bro’ and hang up the phone… I never told Em..”

Listen to the full interview below:

Listen to the full podcast here.

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