The Daily Shuffle caught up with Sarati, who stars as Suzanne in the music video of Eminem and Ed Sheeran’s “River,” to get the inside scoop on behind-the-scenes moments. Read the exclusive interview below:


Let’s talk about the “River” video! How did that whole experience come about for you?

My agent sent me on an audition for a Music Video, but nobody knew who or what it was for. I went into the audition room, did exactly as the asked, and then I left. I felt really good about it. Then I got a call saying that I booked it!


What was it like getting to work with Eminem? How was the vibe on set?

I loved every minute of it. Em is so amazing. It was a fast paced shoot. We shot my part in two days. The vibe on set was pretty laid back. Everyone was really kind and professional.


Are there any memorable moments from filming the video that you can share with us?

There was a point where they had called me to set and I was waiting to perform my part in the room that is destroyed. Em was shooting his part and I was watching the monitor. I thought to myself “you were sitting at home twiddling your thumbs yesterday, and now you are watching the greatest rapper of all time perform in front of you before you go perform with him.” It was surreal and humbling. My stomach was in knots.



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