New Interview: Boi-1da Shares the story behind Eminem’s “Not Afraid”


The producer behind Eminem’s Diamond and Grammy-winning single “Not Afraid,” off Recovery, has recently talk about the song with DJ BOOTH:



“It started out as kind of a dance beat that Matthew Burnett and Jordan Evans had worked on before. I really like the chords on the beat, so I stripped it down and left a few elements in there. The two beats were night and day; it went from a dance beat to a hip-hop beat. It was pretty cool. Shout out to Jordan Evans and Matthew Burnett. They’re very, very talented kids. What they’ve done with Daniel Caesar is nothing short of incredible. And Daniel will be around for a very, very long time. He’s special.


“My old manager has a relationship with Marshall and his manager, Paul Rosenberg. This is after producing ‘Forever’ for Drake, Lil Wayne, Kanye West and Eminem. It was while this was happening that the connection was made and that’s how Eminem got the beat. I didn’t get in the studio with Eminem but I ended up meeting Dr. Dre through my friend Stat Quo. It was like a dream come true meeting my favorite producer of all time.


“A few days before ‘Not Afraid’ dropped, somebody informed me that it was about to be Eminem’s single. It was surreal; I almost didn’t believe it — until it came out and I heard it. That changed my life in a sense, like, I took my career seriously. I really realized that I had a gift. It was really motivating and I just wanted to continue to do my best at all times.”