In today’s hip-hop industry, unauthorized and leaked music make their rounds on the Internet daily. But when a posse cut hit RSS readers last night (Dec. 28) featuring four of the biggest names in the game — Jay-Z, Eminem, Dr. Dre and 50 Cent — with assists from Ca$his and Stat Quo, web surfers literally stopped in their tracks to listen.


“‘Syllables’ was cut a couple of years ago, around the end of 2007,” says Shady rapper Ca$his of yesterday’s monumental leak. “I think it was going to be for one of Em’s albums or Detox.”


The Chicago native continues: “When we first recorded it, the hook wasn’t even the same. It went something like ‘Happy Birthday…’ But when I heard it this time, I thought it was ridiculous and even better.”


Paired with the big four, Ca$his and Stat Quo were given the opportunity to rhyme along with the rap legends heard on the previously unreleased track, which takes a stab at hip-hop’s lyrically indifferent.


“I laid my part at Dre’s studio with Stat, 50, and Em. I heard that Jay had just left when I got there. Fif’ was there kicking his verse in another room when I did mine.” He continues, “I was more so excited than intimidated because I already had held my own with Em, and I think they believed in me this time. After I kicked my verse, Em, Dre, and 50 all said it was dope. That was the cosign I needed. I learned more from that session than any other before that.”


Ca$his, who closed out the song, couldn’t recall if it Dre, Em, or a collaborative effort between the two gave life to the song’s instrumentation. In fact, the California-based rapper isn’t even sure if was leaked prematurely or sanctioned by his label.


The song dates back to when personal turmoil began stalling Em’s career and business ventures, shortly after Ca$his signed with Shady Records in 2007. Yet Ca$his, who also dropped his County Hound EP in ’07, remained loyal to his mentor and kept a tight lid on the label’s inter workings while quietly working on his own music.


“I ain’t never left. My position is good over at Shady. Em pulled me to the side when he was coming back and told me the plan. He was going to get himself going again and then put me out. It got to a point where Em didn’t want to rap anymore. But I told him to take as long as you want to take. For him to get inspired again is a blessing.”


Listen to “Syllables” below: