50 Cent has recently set down with The Guardian and discussed respect for Eminem, people-watching on trains, and seeing through the news. You can read the interview below:



“If you’d given me one wish in 2003, it would have been for my first album, Get Rich or Die Tryin’, to be successful. Massively successful – the biggest debut in hip-hop history. And it was. If I knew myself then as well as I do now, I would have asked for more wishes. Some people are happy just winning the Lotto, but I need more than that.”


“Eminem will always be my guy. I love him to death [Eminem discovered 50 Cent, and produced his first album]. What he did for me – and maybe me for him, in a way – I can’t quantify. We reach out to each other from time to time. But when he’s on schedule, that guy never leaves the house. He’ll be tucked up at home working on stuff.”


Read the full interview on The Guardian.