Looks like Eminem’s previous two-part interviews with French journal was not full. In this newly released interview, Eminem talks about Donald Trump, Impact on hip-hop, rap albums and more. Check the interview below:


I think that I consider every albums differently, I write about how I feel. I need to express my feeling and the beat and the melody have to go with it perfectly. It’s probably the album in which I expose myself the most. In Detroit, there was a place called the Hip Hop shop where a lot of rappers would come to battle, I was one of them. I still feel like all my bases come from there. Speaking of real problems, and not insipid s**t. I think the main thing that stayed with me from the time I was battling to now, is the competition. I am super competitive, I’m always trying to pay attention to what’s out in the game and I’m trying to figure out ‘How can I do something like that, but in my own way?


“Sometimes I get really upset about what’s happening, you know, with our president back home. Sometimes I’m not even able to put words on it because I’m too frustrated. I have too many things to say, and I think everybody should do an anti-Donald Trump song, even if you’re not American.”


“When I’m done with rap, hopefully I’ll inspire some dudes and they will take from what I’ve done, exactly like how I was inspired with my own heroes in rap.”

Watch the interview after the jump below: