Today, 19 years ago, Eminem released “My Name Is” music video



On this day, exactly 19 years ago, Eminem’s “My Name Is” music video premiered on MTV Total Request Live on January 21, 1999. It was directed by Phillip Atwell, who would later direct music videos for several other Eminem songs, including “Stan”, “Lose Yourself”, “The Real Slim Shady”, and “Just Lose It”. The video was ranked #71 in NME’s 100 Greatest Music Videos of All Time and holds VEVO Certification Award.


The video starts out with a stereotypical redneck family watching television, who then come across a show starring “Marshall Mathers”. As the video goes on, Eminem parodies several TV shows and movies. He also imitates then President Bill Clinton, a porn star, and others. Basketball player Gheorghe Mureșan has a cameo appearance as a ventriloquist with Eminem being used as the dummy in the scene. Watch the video below: