After the release of “Chloraseptic” remix a lot of people think that Eminem’s verse is the best verse he has written for ages so I decided to make an article about his one of the craziest verses since 2010, but I’m only listing guest verses for two reasons:1) To shorten the areal of choice. Em has released probably 70-80 songs since 2010 and it’s pretty hard to choose which one should be in top five. 2) Eminem usually goes harder on featured verses. Check the list below and tell us in the comments what song should (or should not) be on the list:

5. 50 Cent – “My Life,” featuring Eminem. (2012)

Back in 2013, one of his interviews 50 Cent said: ““It’s important because it will turn into a complete Eminem record if you leave him. He is gonna make it his regardless. This is how that verse got longer than usual on ‘My Life’ “ So you might not be surprised how the verse made it into the Top 5.

In the song Eminem raps: “S**t, I almost wish that I would have never made Recovery, kid ‘cause I’m runnin’ in circles with my life.” And this is what his core fans wished too. Not me, even though I’m a core fan too.


4. Tech N9ne – “Speedom (WWC2),” featuring Eminem & Krizz Kaliko (2015)

Back in 2015, the long-awaited Eminem and Tech N9ne collaborative track has finally happened (Not counting the star studded “Anthem”). In many of his interviews, Tech has said that Eminem absolutely murdered the track. There is even a video in the net where Tech is reacting to Slim Shady’s verse. The song marks Eminem’s one of the fastest verses he has ever spat.


3. YelaWolf – “Best Friend,” featuring Eminem (2015)

Eminem’s has no mercy when it comes to murdering MCs who are featured on a song, even if the MC is his own label-mate, or even a best friend. While Yela calmly approaches the instrumental with a more spiritual tone, Eminem goes into full aggressive mode spitting more than 16 bars as he usually does. This is also the only song on the album with a feature, and marks Em’s first musical release in 2015.


2. Busta Rhymes – “Calm Down,” featuring Eminem (2014) 

While the hop-hop heads bashed the instrumental of the song, the verses were pure flames in this one. Back in 2014, Busta said: “I was expected him to send 16 bars as it’s a standard but he did sent me much longer. 44 bars or something. So I said to myself ‘no Em, you can’t do this to me on my own record’ so I rewrote the verse.” Listen below and judge yourself:

1. Dr. Dre – “Medicine Man,” featuring Candice Pillay, Anderson .Paak & Eminem (2015)

The song is one of the last songs that made into the Compton album and thank God it happened. Eminem’s verse here is arguably the best verse in the recent years. In 2015, Anderson .Paak said: “When Eminem send his verse. It was just like Christmas but we had to re-create the song completely cause his verse was too crazy. He was going back and forth and we had to find the correct tone for it. He’s lyrical genius.” 

In the song Eminem raps: “I even make the b**ches I rape cum.” Even though it was well received musically, the song caused a stir of controversy for Eminem’s rape lyrics. Karen Ingala Smith, chief executive of the London-based charity Nia Project, which supports women and girls who have experienced men’s violence, said that “Eminem had parroted a line designed to disempower victims of sexual violence.”

HONORABLE MENTIONS: “Our House” and “No Favors”