MGK: “I’d run away from home, sit at train stop and listen to Eminem and 2Pac”



There is an uncapped potential that surrounds the air of Machine Gun Kelly, 27.It’s an aura set to flourish as wide as the bounds of his strength of mind, quality of work, ability to collaborate and unwillingness to settle.


He’s unstoppable in demeanour, poised with determination and driven without any agenda except to rise to the top of his game. And MGK, real name Colson Baker, wants to get on with it.


The young talent has recently set down with Daily Mail interview, where he mentioned Eminem. MGK says:


“I wasn’t born with a voice like Lauryn Hill, I wasn’t born with the guitar fingers of Jimi Hendrix, I wasn’t born with the songwriting of Eminem, I wasn’t born with any of those things, these are things I manifested and made happen for myself, I stayed up and read books til the fucking morning, I watched people, I idolise people, I do things that people forget how to do because I worked.”


“I was 11 years old, sharing a bed with my pops in my aunt’s basement watching him sleep life away, he was in a real depressed state, as his voice as a father started to fade in my life, all these musicians started replacing his voice with their voice. I would run away from home and sit at the train stop and listen to 2Pac and Eminem first album.”


You can read the full interview here.