Top 8 Pure-Selling Artists of this Decade (2010-2018)

Album-equivalent unit is a new term in the modern music industry to show the consumption of music, which equals the purchase of 1 album copy. This consumption includes streaming and song digital downloads, in addition to the actual album sales.

Beginning from the December 13th, 2014’s issue, the US Billboard 200 albums chart changed its ranking methodology with album-equivalent unit (AEU) instead of pure album sales. With this development, the US Billboard 200 includes on-demand streaming and digital track sales using data from all of the major on-demand audio subscription services that includes Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, TIDAL and Xbox Music by the way of a new algorithm.

In this article, we are listing best selling artists in this decade with the tradition way: PURE SALES ONLY. Meaning, the list does not include streaming services. Check the list below:

1. Adele – 23.7 million; 

2. Talyor Swift – 21.1 million;

3. Eminem – 12.1 million; 

4. Justin Bieber – 12 million; 

5. Drake – 10.8 million; 

6. Lady Antebellum – 9.1 million;

7. Luke Bryan – 9.0 million;

8. Lady Gaga – 8.5 million.