Forbes: Looking back at 2017 these are the shows and artists, from the National, Linkin Park and Bruce Springsteen to Tom Petty and Kendrick Lamar, that defined a 2017 that was, for music, very impressive


Four years after his last album, the Detroit rap icon reemerged with “The Storm,” his blistering freestyle attack on Donald Trump. The video went viral with more than 42 million views and just over two months later Eminem made history as Revival debuted at #1 and he became the first artist to ever have eight consecutive chart-topping albums.


Eminem isn’t just the biggest rock star of the year but he is benchmark for rock stardom in the twenty-first century. Living in Detroit, he largely avoids social media and the limelight, then when he is ready to return does so under his terms, with very select interviews and tour dates. In an age where artists feel the need to share all, the way he maintains privacy and mystique make him a true rock star.


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