New Songs: Eminem – “Castle” & “Arose”



“Castle” is a song dedicated to Em’s daughter Hailie. It tells the story of his thoughts on how he was going to raise his daughter from before she was born and during her childhood years. The third verse includes Em’s thoughts on how Hailie will be affected by growing up in the spotlight, and how he uncritically exposed her and their troubled family life to the world from a young age. Liz Rodriguez sings the hook of the song and it is produced by Dj Khalil.



On “Arose”, Eminem details how he nearly died in 2007 due to an overdose on pills. He catalogues his thought process in what could have been his dying moments: his mind floats to his daughters, brother, and mother, and all their wonderful milestones that he would have missed had that been his final day on Earth. He also sees his late friend and close collaborator, Proof, in hallucinations.


After the four minute mark, the beat switches back to “Castle”, continuing the theme of ‘rewinding the tape’, and Em gives thanks for the second chance that the nurses gave him. He also recaps on his discography since the incident, reminding listeners that this happened ten years ago and he’s released several albums since.


“Arose” is produced by Rick Rubin and it samples “The Rose”, a song recorded by Bette Midler for the 1979 film of the same title. Written by Amanda McBroom, this track is about taking chances in the face of adversity and insecurities.



Coupled together, these two songs provide a reflective look at Em’s life, ten years following this 2007 overdose. Listen to “Arose” below: