“Nowhere Fast” is a description of Eminem’s experience with the game, and what he consider his own position in the industry. Moreover, the song comments on the world’s current state, through referencing the latest terrorist attacks and the North Korean nuclear threat, something that is emphasized through statements such as “The world’s on fire”.

The feature from Kehlani provides the atmospheric melodic accompaniment, that Em also favors on several other tracks from Revival, for instance, “Tragic Endings” and “Like Home”. The song is produced by Rock Mafia and Hit-Boy and the chorus was written by Skylar Grey.

In the song, Eminem raps: “I can still look out in this crowd, be wowed and be taken aback. I’m simply stating a fact I had Wembley Stadium packed.” – In 2014, Eminem made history at Wembley Stadium, in London, by selling out two back-to-back concerts, totaling 180,000 seats (90,000 per night). He became the first rapper to ever perform at Wembley.

Eminem tells us that he’s still on top of his game: “Go to war with me, you’ll end up blew to Timbuktu. I send at you a ten-ton nuke like Kim Jong-Un and end up ruinin’ your career. But when all is said and done and at the end of my run I’ll just rewind clocks, forever young, make time stop, will I ever fall off? That day will never come ‘Til the pine box, b**ch, f**k you! I’m better than I ever was.”

Listen to the song below: