“Chloraseptic” is third track on Revival and it’s Eminem’s view of modern rap. The title refers to Chloraseptic Throat Medicine. PHresher and Eminem show their aggression at other rappers, whilst taking a dig at the newer generation. As they mumble whilst rapping, their throat gets tired and they need throat medicine.


The song is entirely produced by Mr. Porter and samples EPMD’s “It’s My Thing.” who confirmed that there is another version of the song where 2 Chainz is also featured. Throughout the song Eminem uses many different flows to mock today’s rap, including Migos and Slim Jesus.


Eminem addresses mumble rappers with the lines: “Glued me be, I’m truTV, you’re too PG. I’m Schoolly D, you’re Spoonie Gee. No diss there, just notice there are no similarities that we share besides the fact we breathe air.” By calling himself Schoolly D, he’s admitting that he’s copying a different style with this song but also implying that he’s going to get more love for it.


Listen to the song below: