“Believe” is the second track on Revival, produced by Luis Resto, Mr. Porter and Eminem himself and mixed by Mike Strange Eminem starts rhyming from where he left off on the previous song. “Snowman” and “hand” rhymes with the last on “Walk On Water” when Eminem says “B**ch, I wrote ‘Stan’!”

The track marks Eminem’s first take on a modern trap beat. His flow is notably slower and more unhurried than previous tracks and features since his last album, which also imitates the style of contemporary trap music.

Contentwise, the song is somewhat a U-turn to the previous song: On “Walk On Water”, Eminem was questioning himself and his ability to create new music that would appeal to his fans, while on “Believe”, he shows confidence and makes clear that he has faith in himself. Yet, throughout the song, one question stands above it all, and Eminem is posing it directly to his fans: Do they still believe in him?

In the song Eminem calls out fake fans and remembers his best friend Big Proof, who was shot and killed back in 2006:

“I know I always got Proof on my back. I called you Proof ’cause I knew for a fact. My ace in the hole, homie I’m calling on you ‘Cause I think I’m slowly startin’ to lose faith in it, so Give me that inkling and motivation to go. Hussein with the flow. Fake fans with the two-faced that show.”

Listen to the song below: