New Interview: Mr. Porter Says What Inspired Eminem to Start Working on “Revival”



Mr. Porter talked with DJ Booth and recalled the making of Eminem’s Revival―he was there for most of the process―a moment when he entered the studio and Eminem was watching the news, scorching with fury. He had seen what we all have seen, again and again, yet another black man riddled with bullets by those sworn to protect and serve:


“Police chased him and shot him down. Em was furious about it. I can’t remember who, and that’s sad to say because so many black people got shot by police officers.”


What I didn’t know before speaking with Porter was that Eminem was watching the news with the same outrage we were. He didn’t tweet or Instagram or march, but he was watching, waiting, and writing.


Mr. Porter moved back to Detroit from L.A., returning home to assist with his friend’s next album. He said there was no specific decision to begin on Revival, but he did recall this specific in-studio story as a moment before the project began. “I would say just having things to talk about,” he confessed when asked about what inspired Eminem to enter album mode. He continued:


“Political things that happen make you want to talk about things. The president is an asshole… the guy, the guy is a piece of shit. You can quote me on that. He’s literally a piece of shit. And I think stuff like that fuels Eminem to want to talk. He doesn’t want to rap about nothing. It’s like he just wanted to talk about some real things that were going on in the country and his life.”