Today, 12 Years Ago, Eminem Released “Curtain Call: The Hits”



On this day, exactly 12 years ago (December 6, 2005), Eminem released his greatest hits album “Curtain Call: The Hits.” The album collects Eminem’s most popular singles, as well as four new songs, including a live version of “Stan”, featuring Elton John from the 43rd Grammy Awards, plus new songs “Fack”, “When I’m Gone” and “Shake That” featuring Nate Dogg.


Curtain Call: The Hits debuted at #1 on the UK Albums Chart and US Billboard 200, after two sales days, in a similar fashion to Eminem’s previous album Encore. The album racked up first-week sales of nearly 441,000 and with close to 324,000 scans the second week for a two-week stay at number one. It has sold more than 7 million copies in the US to date.


The album’s two singles, “When I’m Gone” and “Shake That”, peaked at numbers 8 and 6 respectively in the US Billboard Hot 100. Only “When I’m Gone” qualified for the charts in the UK, where it peaked at #4.


The album is certified 7x Platinum in the United States and Ireland. 6x Platinum in the United Kingdom and Australia. 5x Platinum in Denmark and New Zealand. 4x Platinum in Canada. 2x Platinum in Japan. Platinum in France and South Korea. Gold in Argentina, Brazil, Austria, Greece, Hong Kong, Italy, Sweden and Switzerland.


In August 2017, the album was declared the longest-running rap LP in the history of the US’s Billboard 200 for 370 weeks being on chart.


Stream the album below: