On this day, exactly 21 years ago (November 12, 1996), Eminem released his first solo studio album, Infinite, under Web Entertainment. Recording sessions took place at the Bass Brothers’ studio, known as the Bassmint Productions, with the production that was handled by Mr. Porter and Proof. The album features guest vocals from fellow rappers Proof, Mr. Porter, Eye-Kyu, Three and Thyme, as well as singer Angela Workman on the track “Searchin’.”


The copies were made on cassette and vinyl, and Eminem sold them out of the trunk of his car in Detroit. It is not officially available on any online music stores. However, on November 17, 2016, five days after the 20th anniversary of the album, Eminem posted a remaster and remix of title track, made by the Bass Brothers, to his Vevo channel, made available digitally for the first time.


Even though Eminem stated in “The Way I Am” that it sold “maybe 70 copies” some sources say that it actually sold around 1,000 copies. Retrospectively, the album received mixed reviews from critics, who praised its lyrical content while criticizing the album’s production.


Eminem told to Rolling Stone: “It was right before my daughter was born, so having a future for her was all I talked about. It was way hip-hopped out, like Nas and AZ — that rhyme style that was real in at the time. I’ve always been a smartass comedian, and that’s why it wasn’t a good album.”


Listen to remastered Infinite track below: