Billboard reports: “I didn’t think it was going to be a movie at all,” said Mr. Porter, who co-wrote and co-produced tracks for Eminem’s upcoming album. “You lived it. It was happening down the street. It’s kind of like watching your life on the screen, so it was weird the whole time. It’s still weird to watch it, but I think it means a lot to be able to tell the story like that, and it transcends through the whole world like that. It’s kinda crazy. There’s not a movie like that.”


Eminem has not acted since 8 Mile, though he’s been rumored for a variety of projects. Porter said that he’s not surprised; “He always says the same thing, it takes too much time from music. So maybe when he slows down from music — you always say that, but…he’s not gonna do that. I think he’s got respect for other actors, wo when you have respect for other actors you don’t want to jump into something. he really wanted to give it 110 percent.”


Just imagine Eminem rapping on that Mr. Porter produced track. Check below:




Or maybe this one:



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