On Wednesday (Oct. 25), Paul posted a picture to Instagram holding up the CD copy of Yelawolf’s new album Trial by Fire. “Look what arrived at the Shady offices today!” Paul exclaims in the caption. “@Yelawolf TRIAL BY FIRE comes out this Friday 10/27! #cdbaby.”

But Paul is holding the CD in front of a window that faces a building with an ad on the side for a product called Revival. On the ad, the “E” is backwards, per Eminem’s logo.

We found the full ad online, placed by Interscope Records, along with the website for the “medication” Revival. A closer look at the website reveals a couple key clues about why Eminem’s new album might be called Revival.

At the very bottom, a disclaimer reads, “REVIVAL does not cause these side effects, but if you have them you should for sure seek medical attention, ‘I need a doctor.'” It’s a clear reference to Eminem and Dr. Dre’s song “I Need a Doctor.”

At the top right, there’s a phone number to call. When you call the number (1-833-243-8738), you hear “I Need a Doctor” played on a piano in the background. An automated voice begins by saying, “Thank you for your interest in Revival, the No. 1 slightly invasive treatment for Atrox Rithimus. You only get one shot to beat AR.” It’s another clear reference, this time to the “Lose Yourself” line, “You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow.” As you continue to hold, the voice casually says, “We give you some serious f**king credit for sticking through this ad.” The voice also enumerates a ton of hilarious side effects, including a burning sensation when you pee, and a chilling sensation when you pee, too.

There’s also a video on the website with at least two more references to “Lose Yourself,” and both the video and copy on the website contain curses. Doesn’t seem like something a professional medical company would do, is it. Oh, and Atrox Rithimus, the condition Revival is supposed to treat? That’s made up. Doesn’t exist.

There’s more, too. At the very bottom, it says the product is “Manufactured by Popsomp Industries.” In 2009, Eminem launched a viral website called “Celebrity’s Rehab.” At the time, Eminem used his first-ever post on Twitter to post a picture of himself standing outside some place called—you guessed it—Popsomp Hills. And say Popsomp Hills fast. You’re actually saying “Pop some pills.”

Producer FredWreck, who has worked with Eminem, also tweeted the ad with blonde guy on the mic:

Below are all the facts that might prove the theory!

1) Advert uses a Backwards E… traditional Em symbol

2) “Seize the moment” – Sing For The Moment Reference

3) Website advert plays beat similar to I Need A Doctor

4) Repeated references to Lose Yourself within the advert… “I won’t miss my one shot”, “It’s easy to Lose Yourself”, “Fever, Sweats, Chills and also Sweaty Palms”

5) Googling “Seize the moment with Revival” returns no ad-related results… possibility of a fake ad?

6) Manufactured by Popsomp Industries… the same way Eminem introduced ‘Relapse’ with Popsomp Hills rehab clinic website…

7) The ad was shown in the background of Paul’s instagram post promoting Yelawolf’s upcoming album Trial By Fire… it’s gotta be real.

8) Nearing the bottom of the website, it says ‘Ask for Help “I NEED A DOCTOR”‘

9) Drug promoted is ‘canticum remedium’… possibly saying “cant i cum”… FACK 2 CONFIRMED

10) Canticum Remedium when translated means “song cure”…

11) Calling the number – 1-833-2GET-REV – plays I Need A Doctor as the hold music.

12) Also, the advert redirects to Interscope Records

13) On their Facebook Page, their bio says “REVIVAL could be music to your ears”

14) Any Man/Phone Tap reference “Highly Combustible Head”

15) There are 9 vertical lines in the Revival Logo, and this will be Em’s ninth album

16) Website says the ad expires on 21 November, looks like the release date of the album.

REVIVAL will be the name of Eminem’s new album!