Lord Jamar sat down with VladTV and shared his thoughts on Eminem’s recent BET cypher where he dissed Donald Trump. While Lord Jamar applauds Eminem for speaking out, he added that he doesn’t like the imagery of a white man speaking in front of a group of black men about issues like Trump.


“Thank you for somebody saying something and using a platform to use your voice in a positive way, thank you Eminem for that. You could have rhymed about anything but you chose socially conscious topic, political topic, very timely and it was appreciated by many people. I loved all that. I love it. I really enjoyed his first album when it first came out, I was like ‘did you here that white boy, he’s dope.'” 


“What I didn’t like about it, my problem with the freestyle. Black kids in the background. I didn’t like the image of a white man standing in front of capable black men behind him cause I saw people like Conway, Westsidegunn and Royce too. So my thing as the psychological image of it is: ‘we have a white man with capable black men behind him but he steps in front and speaks for us’…The image I saw was another example of ‘I got this black men, let the white man come in and save the day. I have little more fame and power than you. It was white-man-is-gonna-save-black-men imagery. I didn’t like it. Not saying he did in purpose but that’s the imagery we received.” 


Listen to the full interview below: