P!nk has recently set down with The Guardian to promote her new album “Beautiful Trauma.” She also talked about Eminem and their new collaboration, “Revenge”:

“My mom’s favorite song from the album is “Revenge.”….The reason I love Eminem is, number one, I think he’s a lyrical genius, I think he’s one of the best that ever did it. I think he’s funny as s**t. I don’t think he believes in any of the s**t he says. Otherwise, why would he respect a woman like me? Which he does. And I think he’s one of those people that likes to take the piss out of all the s**t we hold so precious and so dear. I think all of us get a little too serious at times and that’s why I think it is hilarious that he says, ‘You’re a whore, you’re a whore, this is war.’ I’ve called Carey a whore like 50,000 times.” Does he mind? “I don’t care!”

You can read the full interview on The Guardian and listen to “Revenge” below: