In a new interview with Hot 97, Bay Area G-Eazy shared his thoughts on the freestyle, revealing that he was more or less in awe of the performance:


“The cypher was Incredible, incredible. I was grateful. That’s all I you can say is thank you for like being the biggest voice and saying it so loud, and saying it so accurately, and so forcefully, passionately, and genuinely. It was incredible from every angle. He hit the topics right on the head, standing with Kap, saying that loud, being him, having his platform, his voice, and doing that was incredible. And he snapped — that was dumb fire. There’s a reason why he’s the greatest.”


He went on to applaud the density of the wordplay. “That’s the thing about a really great lyricist and why I love hip-hop. There’s layers of the onion, of the bars. I’ll still be catching bars that I didn’t even fully peep for years of listening to songs. That’s why we love it so much. You can’t do nothing but love greatness… highest respect to Em. Period.” 


Listen to the interview below: