Taking a break from his Darkness and Light Tour overseas, John Legend spoke with Complex and broke down the message behind the video for “Penthouse Floor” as well as shared his thoughts on Eminem’s recent freestyle aimed at Trump and his supporters.


Complex: I’m not sure if you’ve had a chance to hear it or see it yet, but Eminem shared a verse where he draws a line in the sand regarding his fans supporting Trump. How do you feel about that approach to this issue?

John Legend: I did see the video, it’s dope, and Eminem is dope as always. I love that he made such a bold statement because he risked alienating some of his core fans by doing that, and for him to do that I think is particularly powerful. I love that he’s saying we all live in this country together, and if you vote for that then you are saying certain things about what you believe and what you want this country to be.


When Trump says that Mexicans are rapist and killers, you can’t vote for him and not own that. When he says that he wants to ban Muslims, you can’t vote for him and not own that. When he’s the birther-in-chief and questioning the credentials of Barack Obama, the first black president, you can’t vote for him and not own all of that. Eminem is saying if you voted for that and you own that, then we are not on the same team, and I have to concur.


[Via Complex]