Yesterday, October 2, was Big Proof’s 44th birthday. Of course his friends wished him a happy born day on social media. Check them below:



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Happy b day. Big homie

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Happy birthday proof

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Prolly' wouldn't even know that I'm in the picture, if I didn't tell you 🤷🏿‍♂️ – Then again maybe you would.. – But that's me in the D Fit choppin'/soaking game from The Young Yoda, per the usual. – I never took photos with Bro so this one might be special to me, I'd always step to the side and let people hop in and enjoy the moment that he provided for a lot of people. We lived it everyday, took a nap on the studio floor hopped right back up and did it again the next. That's if we didn't run through your afterhour first in between? Looking at this picture I realize that for the last years of a good friends life? I was right there riding, from the booth to the stage to the shotgun seat of the "shmillmobile" we got off a homie (he gave loan to that wouldn't take it without giving up something) to skating in the 760 that came with a bow on it. Most of the time absorbing game or living out 1 of a million crazy stories I tend to rattle off in smoke sessions. A lot of conversations P would end with "you understand Young Jedi" or "B.I.T"? (Boss In Training) A lot of it then? In my head yea I would think, but No! I only thought I understood. But now as a grown man, I got it and some more on top. Outside of the insides that we spoke on, I still own books dude forced me to buy. I'm thankful for the Big Brother I had in P. And though it's what people knew our relationship through, the music sh!t was all extra with my dawg, even though MFs know we them Real Jedi swordsmen with that too. – Foreva-eva.. – Happy Birthday Bro, of course your legend lives on.. – #BP4E #HappyBirthday #Celebration #YODA #BigProof #BigBrother #Rhyme #Genius #Book #Nerd #Strategist #Boss #Detroit #Legend #Mayor #DirtyDozen #Original #IronFist #D12 #DeeperThanRap

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