CONFIRMED: Eminem & Dr. Dre Have New Songs in “Bodied” Movie Soundtracks



The Hollywood Reporter reports:


Out of that frothing outrage emerged the idea for Bodied, a satire that explores the politically incorrect world of battle rap. Marking Kahn’s third feature — following the 2004 biker flick Torqueand 2011 horror-comedy Detention — the film features up-and-coming Canadian actor Calum Worthy, ’80s icon Anthony Michael Hall and a bunch of mostly unknowns. In its corner, Bodied also happens to boast Eminem — arguably the greatest battle rapper of all time — as a producer.


As a longtime fan of Kid Twist, Kahn had been looking to collaborate with the Toronto rapper on a project, perhaps a documentary on underground rhyme champs. The Swift video brouhaha provided the hook they needed for a narrative feature film.


Eminem and his longtime manager Paul Rosenberg (8 Mile) are putting together a soundtrack for Bodied. The cut that screened at TIFF on Sept. 7 as the opening night Midnight Madness selection didn’t have much in the way of new music, but by the time it’s bought and ready for distribution (ICM is selling worldwide rights), Eminem will contribute a number of songs to the soundtrack. The pair also has enlisted Dr. Dre for a couple of songs.


In the meantime, the film is certain to court controversy at the festival because of its language (think liberal use of the N-word). And because it’s satire, no character is safe. Everyone is a target for roasting.


Says Kahn: “The battle rap world is an underground message of free speech. But the film doesn’t automatically take the side of free speech because there’s still the question that we’re asking: ‘Is there a limit to it?’ It’s a legitimate question.”


For more confirmation, Eminem’s official radio channel Shade45 shared the news on Twitter!




Watch the movie trailer below: